Surf Competition at Zuma Beach

  1. This morning we headed down to Zuma Beach, at 6am, for Jonah's first surfing competition. Clear water, blue skies ... just another Malibu day .... and hard to believe that just a few hours north the air is thick with smoke from the devastating Californian fires. Kids arrived a little tired (and grumpy) and Jonah decided that maybe it wasn't for him after all. We persuaded him to at least try the first heat (boy's longboard)... after all it was only 15 min of his life. He placed 2nd and was not thrilled to hear that the next step was to do a second heat and hang out for an hour and a half. Next heat ... he moved through again, all the way to semi-finals. Beautiful beach day ... topped off by Alex and her bird joining us to cheer Jonah on. And proud of Jonah for following through. As far as watching kids extra-murals go ... this was pretty cool.