Life from behind my lens
  • Morning Ojai hike

    October 19, 2016   Photography

      Our town is so thirsty – with a Stage 3 drought. The earth is parched and cracking. Yet it’s beauty remains and I am so grateful to be living here. Jonah had no school this morning so we did a little 8am hike.  

  • Autumn Equinox Celebration

    September 28, 2016   Photography

    I love many  things about Ojai, but the Ojai Foundation is way near the top of my list. The 40 acres, situated in Upper Ojai, reminds me of South Africa. With breathtaking views of the Ojai valley, and rich natural vegetation, this magical land draws people from around the world. Council, the practice of listening

  • What am I really capturing

    September 22, 2016   Photography

    A question I have been thinking about lately is: what am I really capturing when I am shooting? We live in a culture that promotes an idea of (impossible) perfection around physical beauty, that is deeply entrenched in sexuality. It is not enough to simply shoot a woman, for example – she has to be