I was born and grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, and now live in the beautiful valley of Ojai, California with my 2 kids and our rescue dog. 13 years ago I quite simply picked up a girlfriend’s SLR camera and the weight and feel of it felt almost perfect in my hands. At the time I was a lawyer and finishing up a Masters in Public Health, and in no way defined myself as a ‘creative person’.

But through a viewfinder I saw magic in my world that I sometimes doubted was there. I spent many nostalgic days dreaming of the color and vibrancy of Africa, but found that through creating my own images I could appreciate and love the beauty of the environment I lived in and that if I opened my heart there where in fact very few ordinary moments.

What I love about photography is that what I capture is real and tangible. A moment in a image may look magical, but that is because it really was. And I love that.